Future Shop Closing

We weren’t all that surprised to hear the news that the Future Shop branded locations are permanently closing.  Looks like half of the Canadian locations are done for good, with the other half being “converted” into Best Buys.  As a part of our continuing effort to provide good service to our community, we are glad to announce that we will gladly take care of any repairs and servicing required for devices you purchased at Future Shop.  We will also help you take care of any warranty issues and upgrades.

We also promise not to flip-flop brands, we are here for you in the long run.  In our hearts and minds, the VicTech.ca brand belongs to you, the people of Greater Victoria and is well on its way of becoming a household name.  Lets work together and it will forever stay a community-based, local technology store.

When Best Buy starts to close locations too, we will gladly take care of anything you purchased there as well.  Our team has already been repairing and servicing many computers and devices in the last 15 years purchased at different retail locations including Walmart, The Source, Staples, Best Buy and Future Shop.

As of Saturday, March 28th 2015, the Future Shop brand has been pronounced dead. RIP.


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