Optimization, Installation & Backup

With us as your technology partner, you are guaranteed to get the most of your existing technology.  We can provide you with cutting edge technology to empower you to do more anytime in the future.

Computer Tune-up
Let us tune-up your system to ensure data integrity, stability and performance.  Our certified tune-up will bring your operating system and driver software up to date to make sure you get the most out of your current technology.  We also provide a custom security software suite to keep the bugs out of your computer and minimize the risk of loosing all those years of pictures, documents, emails and other important data.

Computer Backup
We create a professional archives of your personal or business data on DVD’s or hard, so you may store it away in case of future data loss.  We also provide our customers with easy to use backup drives to help you create off-site data storage policy in case of theft or fire.

Operating System Installation
Nobody can beat our operating system installs.  Each install is carefully prepared with long term stability, optimization and security in mind.  Every install is done on healthy hardware, brought up to date with the latest updates and drivers, and secured using our custom suite of software that not only keeps the bugs out, but also protects you from thousands of know malicious websites.  We can also block any websites you find undesirable to prevent your children and staff from access.