Virus Removal

Our custom workflow utilizes the very latest in security technology.  We check your system top to bottom for any signs of infection and go beyond just removing the software causing the issues.  After virus removal our professional staff patches the holes through which you received the infection in the first place.  In short, we not only remove the symptoms, but also give your system protection against potential problems.  With our work in place, you can expect a longer lasting security setup without the need to bring your computer to the shop every few months.  Some of our software installs last 5 years without major servicing, but we recommend a check up every 6 months.

Bring your system in for a FREE CHECK UP and we will recommend the most efficient pathway to resolving your issues.  We will only charge money if we can provide you with results you deserve.

Our computer security services include:

Virus & Worm Removal
Our technicians test your hard drive for data integrity, stability and performance.  We ensure that all work done is on a hard drive that is certified in order to help you minimize risk of loosing all those years of pictures, documents, emails and other important data.  We also provide our customers with easy to use backup drives to help you create off-site data storage policy in case of theft or fire.

Spyware Removal
Your computer can have spyware running in the background, without your knowledge.  Spyware can track the websites you visit, log every keyboard stroke, take pictures and video through your webcam and use all this information to take advantage of you and your family members or even business.  Sounds scary and it is unfortunately true – many predators are online as it is hard to trace their locations without much investment, and this has turned the internet into a fertile breeding ground for some of the most malicious people and organizations on our planet.  Most people and companies prefer to enjoy the wealth of information and multimedia, as well as sharing it – the internet is the best for this and we can ensure that you get the most benefit while lowering the risk of intrusion of your privacy.  We have both hardware and software to help you achieve the best security online and keep you, your family and business safe.