Wireless Networks

We provide better wireless – for your business and home, with no monthly fees.  From connecting multiple locations with a private WLAN, to broadening your existing wireless coverage of your business or home, we can solve your wireless connectivity issues without increasing your existing monthly fees from your existing telecom provider.

Our quality wireless networks achieve high throughput enabling smooth video and large data file transfer.  With high capacity and long range, we can setup your private wireless network to provide any range of digital services including video broadcast, IP telephones, video conferencing, video surveillance, remote system operation and data management.

Wireless Installations
· Large Outdoor Coverage (Municipality, Farms, Point-to-Point)
· Large Indoor Coverage (Hotels, Motels, Apartment Buildings, Homes)
· Hotspot Setup and Management
· Surveillance Networks and Security
· Video Streaming Systems
· Intranet
· Internet Coverage
· Mobile Devices